What is Psychology? – How To Define Psychology And Its Branches

Define Psychology

Define Psychology

When you hear the word psychology, what immediately comes to your mind? Most of the time, when people hear this word, they think of science, mind, behavior, observation, counseling and emotion. All of these words are actually associated with psychology. But how do you define psychology?


It covers a wide range of subject. This is why it’s challenging to define psychology. It has several branches and sub branches that focus on different areas of studies. However, some dictionaries define psychology as the science of mind and behavior. Based on this definition, psychology is a science that deals with how people think and act. It’s a science because it uses scientific methods in observing and analyzing people’s behavior and helping them overcome any psychological issues that they may have. Psychologists are people who practice psychology. As mentioned there are different branches of psychology. Some of these are behavioral psychology or behaviorism, abnormal psychology, cognitive psychology, comparative psychology, cross-cultural psychology, educational psychology and experimental psychology. Behaviorism is the conditioning of mind to help the person learn what you teach or help him alter his wrong ways.


Abnormal psychology deals with abnormal behavior and mental disorders. Cognitive psychology deals with the internal state of mind like decision making and problem solving. This is helpful for leaders and managers or supervisors who handle people under them. Comparative psychology deals with the observation of the behavior of animals and how it can be compared with human’s behavior. Cross-cultural psychology deals with the effect of differences in culture. This is helpful especially that racial discrimination is still rampant at school and even in the workplace. Educational psychology deals with everything that has to do with school and the students, like teaching methods of teachers, school environment and school rules and policies. Experimental psychology deals with research on human mind and behavior with the use of scientific processes.


You can define psychology based on its general meaning or define it based on the specific areas mentioned.

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